What if the process of conversation was the most simple way to support healthy, thriving, learning-filled, systems? In work, in community?

My work is leadership and community development – hosting spaces for co-created insight and solutions. My focus is often to help teams and communities awaken to the soul of the work and the simple, wise choices of action that grow from there.

I work in partnership with clients, colleagues, friends, family, and community to integrate learning and action of self, team, and community. A few of my current partnerships include: The Berkana Institute, where I am helping to co-create more availability of the hosting pattern through client systems and open enrollment trainings; The Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community, where I support and design local dialogues on living in healthy community; and formerly, The Dyer Institute for Leading Organizational Change, where I worked with university students, faculty, and managers on practices of change. I am currently working on transformation projects in health care, faith-based community, and health and human services.

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