Human Depth

I had intended to write about something else today. I was actually choosing between four or five things that arrived with me on the weekend. About projection (the gift of it). About choice (an inherent contradiction). About kindness (children helping children). Those will come, likely.

What moves me this morning is this 19 minute video, a sermon offered by my friend and colleague Charles LaFond. He is an Episcopal Priest, a potter, and a I writer. In the video is humor (“…who needs a savior when you have post-it notes…”), a personal voice that discloses frailty and even bitchiness, story (marine rescue, coaxed into fulfillment, and the deeply spiritual (“…you are going to be ok, this soft and fleshy self…”).

To marry all of these together is mad skill and honesty. Thank you Charles. It’s a call to human depth in all of us.

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