Humans Wish / Need Connection

Working on a design for a client system that brings context and practice of connection.

Some of my setup goes like this:

Humans everywhere wish connection.

For learning. 
For belonging. 
Sometimes for collaboration and imagination.
Sometimes for safety and security.

The range is wide. Yet connection is a common desire and need.

Then I describe these simultaneous realms of desired connection. To invite fullness and wholeness, as individuals and as a group.

It’s more common to pay attention to connection with others and with circumstance. Most of us also need to lift up connection with ourselves and with the bigger picture of life flowing.

Then I offer questions that people can engage together so as to add more connection.

Who are you?
What’s it like to be you?
What are you learning?
What has your attention?
How is this growing you into the person you wish to be? The group you wish to be?

A work in progress.

2 Replies to “Humans Wish / Need Connection”

  1. I really like the question, “How is this growing you into the person you want to be?” Much to ponder throughout the day with that question. Thank you!

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