I Am Thankful For

In honor of US Thanksgiving, today, I wrote this poem this morning. Particular thanks to Christina Baldwin for Seven Whispers. that are never far from my ears these days.

I Am Thankful For

He who first taught me the singular importance of breath,
the empty space,
and the silence that restores.

She who first assured me that the pace of this world
is but a deeply embedded construct
that takes but courage to interrupt.

He who invoked clarity of purpose,
the invisible leader,
not through his dominating words, but through his kind inclusion.

She who surprised me,
and maybe herself too,
with a direction that changed everything.

They who insisted I ask for what I need,
to follow my imagination,
and offer myself as gift.

They who welcomed another to the table, always,
because there was always room to be made;
that was my first religion.

They who filled me,
in the crunch of autumn leaves under my feet,
with a remembering and belonging that is ancient.

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  1. Oh Tenneson, this is such beauty. A great meditation–with space for me to enter and see my own journey and relationships mirrored in yours. Thank you.

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