I Only Know What To Do Is Now

Nowness remains quite a teacher for me. Sometimes, I’m following Nowness, efforting and fumbling my way. Sometimes, Nowness teachings spiral their way into my body, and so much of life turns effortless. Sometimes, Nowness and I go together, with the ease of afternoon tea, enjoyed spaciously. Nowness teaches me in work, in workshops. Nowness teaches me in life, in living.

So, a little harvest of Nowness below. Received in an afternoon walk.

I Only Know What To Do Is Now
Tenneson Woolf

I only know
to do
what comes from the Now.

In the Now
I live with lover’s love for yes.

I walk the little Dog, because it is time.
I smile extra at the purple Iris blossoms, because they are there.
I thank the red rust leaves of Maple, because she’s magnificent.
I say hello to the squabbling young kids returning from school, because they need seeing.

I only know,
and keep learning,
to do
what comes from the poignant Now.

I know
to listen

I often wish I could plan better into the future,
which sometimes is my focus.

But it just might be that my best contribution is 
my surrender to this very moment.

I only know
to do
what is, Now.

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