Fresh on the Podcast — Chris Corrigan

Super delightful to huddle up with my buddy Chris. To talk life. To talk work and facilitation. To talk curiosity. And a bunch more.

The full episode is here, 55 minutes, that I titled “Support is Life” because of some of the content Chris offered. Enjoy. Thx for listens, forwards, shares as inspired.

A few other bits of context, appreciation, and show notes below.

“This was such a treat to welcome Chris Corrigan to the podcast. He is as articulate as they come. He is someone that I love for his insatiable learning and mass ability and instinct to connect. He is someone that weaves generosity and kindness to that learning and to the baseline invitation of being curious together — I’ve know this in him over the 20 years of our friendship and working together. He’s a man whose eyes light up when invited to go it together. So, a big bow. A big smile. And an appreciative grin to Chris and this time together.”

By way of Show Notes:

0:00 Welcome, Context

2:00 Hello and Getting Convercircly

3:00 What’s it like to be you? A beautiful question to get to depth. Appreciating joy, goodness, beauty, reciprocity in the serious and the silly together.

9:15 Drawn to joy as contemplative practice, 50 days of watching for joy in the big and in the microdoses.

19:00 “Optimistic to the point of uselessness” — when you hire me, you get me.

20:45 Welcoming builders, and a bit of scolding by the elders

24:00 My Dad — super curious from the beginning.

28:15 What would it take to be more curious? A question to guide in groups.

37:15 Three Days of Connecting — Then the best campfire of your life. Then action planning.

40:00 Activating curiosity. This is the outcome.

43:00 The essence that helps in our field is support, a field of mutual supportive generosity.

45:50 Giving yourself away initiates a cycle. “Support is life.”

49:30 Contracting Chris.

51:10 Tenneson reflecting on Chris.

Chris is a long time friend, colleague, and companion. He is deeply committed to learning, teaching and practicing complexity and dialogic change. He’s a musician, poet, writer. He’s generous with his words and heart, going about connecting people in conversations, work and play, with the things they most care about and that he most cares about.

Give the podcast a listen.

Enjoy following up to Chris’ website —

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