I Think This Matters

I’m in touch with a lot of men these days.
Old friends surfacing.
Colleagues asking to meet.
New connections budding.

It’s happening enough
to notice a pattern forming.
It seems that some of us are seeking each other
without fully knowing why.

I’m in touch with a lot of men these days,
I suppose trying to figure things out,
and support each other,
to be open and sense-making a new masculinity.

It’s happening enough
to notice that, together, I think,
we are seeking an essence,
of what it is to be us, now.

2 Replies to “I Think This Matters”

  1. Good morning Tenneson! Great post. I just drove my kids to school, and we had a conversation about why women tend to live longer than men. One of my sons suggested that men don’t live as long because they don’t care. I said it’s not that simple. In fact, I believe men care just as much as women. We just don’t know how to reach out and form the relationships that have been shown to contribute to Improved health, happiness, and longevity.

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