If You Look Closely Enough

This photo is from last week. Fort Worth, Texas. On an evening out with Chris Corrigan, Caitlin Frost and me. It was Sundance Square. Summer night. Jazz Band playing. We’d just completed working with a group of senior leaders at University of Texas Arlington. It was three days of Art of Participatory Leadership.

When I look close enough at these water images, I begin to see figures. People. Animals. Postures. It’s kind of fun.

In so many ways, our work with UTA last week was invitation to look with different eyes, to dwell there, and to flow together in a story of how to go together. It’s brave work. It’s communal work. And as I shared at the beginning of our three days, “it’s work that has artistry, poetry, and mystery.”

The evening was great. The three days of connection and learning were great. And so was the looking closely.

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  1. Didn’t believe it until I paused to just breathe with the image … ‘Oh my heavens! He’s right!’ 😆 Love the postures, figures, woman with dog, small dog… 🥳 Good reminder as my seminary work kicks in this week 💞🦋🔥💦🦋

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