In a Solstice Season

I’m tucking in this blog for a few days. To rest. To honor pause.

I’m grateful to all of you that read, and that offer your comments and wonders.

I’m grateful to be in a practice of writing, and all of the sense-making that arrises, and often surprises, from that.

A bow to the ordinary and the alchemy of any of us living in conscious ways — our very being as contribution. And these words, in a Solstice Season.

The nights are long.
Winter Solstice draws near.

All is snow-covered.
Trees draped. 
Grass blanketed.
Rooftops buried.

The days remain cloudy.
Grey fills it all.

This is a season when I appreciate going inward,
to rest,
to surrender to a cocooning,
to be guided by a great nothingness.

May the dark be celebrated.
May the light too, find its way,
sourcing in and around us.

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