In Appreciation of New Horizon

The views from flights so often inspire me. It is invitation to new horizon. It is invitation to new imagination, to new becoming.

Yesterday, it was these three images flying out early morning from Salt Lake City, Utah. The beauty of snow-lined ridges. The beauty of “cloud cities” in the distance. The beauty of rising sun over Great Salt Lake ponds. All of it points to expanded seeing and feeling.

I’m glad to know new horizons. In geography. In people. In dear ones. I’m glad for awakened presence.

This week will be new horizon. Yes, geographically. I’m north of Montreal, Canada at Lac Clermoustier. My heart is drawn to the stillness of the lake. I’m with people committed to exploring and practicing peace as contribution to varied communities. And as contribution of integrated inner and outer learning. Some that I know who have become friends in joy. Some that are new and that I will come to know better this week, in the spirit of a learning dojo and a learning village.

So, what a treat, to be living and learning this week, with the gift of new horizons from flights, and from what is right in front of me on this beautiful ground. It all seems to keep growing and flourishing and welcoming.


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