In Pictures

I’m a person drawn to the way that images speak words. Or call out words. Or call out associations. We humans…, seems we can’t not connect and weave.

I suppose my favorite consciousness game is a simple as looking at an image (or symbol) and inviting reflection — what catches your attention in this image? And if playing the extended game, another question — and what does that have to do with who you (we) are and who you (we) are becoming?

It’s utterly simple. Yet utterly purposeful to invoke connection between the inner and the outer.

These pictures above, are examples. Simple moments compelled in the moment, thx to camera’s available to many of us in our pockets. These reflections below are real-time versions of the game, photos on my phone from the month of July.

Roots of Tree (Deer Creek Reservoir, Rainbow Bay) — The feet that hold this rather large tree. I like the entangledness of it. I seek strong roots, strong feet, groundedness in the everyday of my life.

Teapot, Tumbler (My Back Yard, Lindon) — The teapot was made and gifted to me by a friend of the last 10 years. I like that he made it. I like the earthy tones. I like the feeling of sitting outside during summer. I seek groundedness in friendships. I love receiving and giving gifts. I love (an need) my outside life.

Dark Clouds at Dusk (Looking West, Lindon) — Something about the dark contrasted with the light of a sun-setting day. I like the patchiness of it. I’m a person that appreciates big skies. This landscape reminds me of ways that my life is light, and dark. Dusk leads to rest. I seek some rest. And some celebration.

Start somewhere, anywhere. Choose the picture, or let it choose you. Choose the symbol, or let it choose you. Don’t seek the right answer. Rather, follow the freedom of intuition that guides a wee taste of outer connecting inner, of inner connecting outer. I’d also call it awareness. Or soulfulness. Or wisdom.

In pictures.


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  1. Synergy 🥰 I just began my ‘card a day’ practice that I’ve not done in years! I love the frame of inner-outer weaving. YES. 💞

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