In Troubled Times of the Heart

Got another poem published in Sage-ing, The Journal of Creative Aging. It’s p 4.

I’m grateful to the folks at Sage-Ing, including my friend Katharine Weinmann, who have encouraged contributions.

In this particular poem, I linked the edition’s theme of “gratitude” with the learning that can come from a troubled time and a troubled heart.

Peek as inspired. And into the other articles included. I’m finding several insights from these writers that are stirring my desire for deepened soul.

2 Replies to “In Troubled Times of the Heart”

  1. Tenneson – how wonderful that this poem has been shared! Yay for you and all of us who get to take it in
    …during these troubled times…
    …with gratitude…

    “In troubled times of the heart,
    it is wise to surrender
    to that which is dying,
    and to that inner longing that so shyly peeks forward.”

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