Influenced by Warriors

I have been influenced by a few warriors in my time. Good people. Inspiring people. Inviting people. Warriors of invitation.

I have been very inspired by a few warrior programs in my time. That have grown me either through direct experience or through sideline awareness.

There’s Meg Wheatley, one of my primary mentors and now, thirty year friend. Her program, Warriors for the Human Spirit is inspiring many.

There’s Toke Moeller, another dear brother and colleague (“broleague”), and now 25 year friend. His program, Warriors for the Heart has evolved to Practice for Peace. Warriors for peace. I’ve really grown from the gatherings that I’ve joined.

There’s Corbin Toby Davis, former pastor in the United Church of Christ, now doing community building with young men in Denver, Colorado. He invites his community into the identity of Peace Warriors.

There’s the two warriors that showed up in a snippet of my dream last night. They were hockey players (an important sport of my youth, and place where I felt I got to express and grow some warrior ability).

Warrior connotes discipline. And practice. And determinedness. It connotes to me a kind of deep awareness and a deep service to a greater good.

Lately, I’ve been growing my warriorness through two key questions. One, about how to invite more beauty in to my work. It’s about inviting more of myself and others into a spirit of beauty in what we do and learn together.

Two, about “collaging” work. That’s the phrase I’ve been using a lot. It connotes seeing in systems and many configurations. I quite like using these to bring clarity.

So, I find myself thinking about many kinds of needed warriorship. There’s warrior for present moment participation. This, then that. There’s warrior for simplicity. And clarity. There’s warriors for creation.

I’m glad for the stirrings. And for they way that these stirrings bring about added contribution to many circumstances of work, life, team, community, heart.

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