Invitation — Learn The Circle Way In A 4-Week Online Class

The Circle Way is a lineage for me, reaching back to the 1990s when I first met Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea. It’s woven into all of the change work that I’ve been involved in for the last 20+ years. Yup, important. Yup, a foundation of skill and orientation for participative leadership.

I know that not everyone can make the journey to attend an in-person practicum. I’m aware that skilled practitioners are looking for an opportunity to refresh or deepen their circle practice.

Amanda Fenton and I invite you to consider this new online learning opportunity (or share with others who may be interested) – The Circle Way: A Four Week Online Class To Introduce and Nuance The Components Wheel. The class will be held on Tuesdays from February 13 to March 6, 2018, at 9am to 11am Pacific time, over video conference and a private online learning space.

Registration is limited to 14 participants. Learn more at

You can also download the invitation here.

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