Invitations of the Heart

I’m drafting description for a workshop I’m creating and hosting in the Fall. To write a description is to write an invitation. My best invitations come from the heart and from the hearts of those I’m working with.

I notice that there are some key points of context and some key points of encouragement that are showing up in many of my descriptions and invitations these days. I’ve added extra line breaks below for emphasis here.

Human beings everywhere seek more meaningful connection and learning together.
With colleagues. With communities. With friends. With family.
We seek purposeful, life-giving, and simple ways to be wise together.
And kind together. And inspired. And helpful. And authentic.
In the causes of our hearts and the causes of our times.

Yet, there is much in contemporary society that stifles such desires.
So many of us are pressed for time.
And pressed with skewed bias.
And pressed with life complexities.
And pressed with other distractions and distortions.

In this interactive online workshop, we will lean in to each other.
For story. For breath. For belonging. For wonder.
We will dwell together in the oldest of communal ways — being curious together.

For inspiration. And encouragement of the heart. And I suppose, sharing a bit more of what lives in my heart these days, that connects to being with groups.

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