Is The Circle Way for Men?


Glad to have my writing published this month in The Circle Way Newsletter. It’s part of supporting emergence of a healthy masculine, and a call to all of us to deeper forms of wisdom and leadership.

In my nearly twenty years of being a practitioner of The Circle Way, there have been many times I’ve found myself in circles in which the participants were primarily women. Thirteen women, two men. Sometimes more women, yet the same number of men. If the ratio of men exceeds 25% of total participants, it has been noteworthy and surprising. I’ve been a bit puzzled with this observation over the years.

In those groups, there have been many times when I, or someone from the group, have eventually asked, “where do you think the men are?” That question usually evokes a group chuckle — it’s a kind of tension release valve that occurs when something really obvious but unspoken is verbalized into the room.”

Read the full article here.

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