It Is What Love Says

A good friend has been sending my poetry lately. I love the kindness in that. I love feeling moved by words and images that cross to an inner world.

This below, from Erich Fried, the Austrian poet of the 1900s.


It is nonsense
says reason.

It is what it is
says love.

It is calamity
says calculation.
It is nothing but pain
says fear.
It is hopeless
says insight.

It is what it is
says love.

It is ludicrous
says pride.
It is foolish
says caution.
It is impossible
says experience.

It is what it is
says love.


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  1. It is the same with raising children. It is nonsense! it is calamity! It is foolish! and yet is it love! Thanks for posting this beauty. I’ll be putting it in my journal.

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