It Occurs To Me

It occurs to me that some levels of change require more than others. Learning to take the recycling bin to curbside on Wednesday instead of Friday is rather small level of change. Learning to play my son’s video games requires so much more thumb dexterity than I have. And patience. And maybe some other things that I just don’t have.

It occurs to me that some levels of change are more paradigmatic. Learning to do with your non-dominant hand what you can no longer do with your dominant hand. Brushing your teeth, ok. Writing with pen — um, a bit more difficult. Throwing a ball — um, likely impossible for most of us.

It occurs to me that many of us are committed to “wholeness.” Whether personally, as orientation, practice, and discipline — or communally as spiritual tradition. Whether working with teams to create camaraderie and coordinated movement — or more systemically to shift organizational  and societal orientation.

It’s easy to say, this commitment to wholeness. Good words. And sexy too. I love how eastern philosophy has integrated so much to western thought. I’d suggest wholeness is even accessible to experience, because, wholeness in an inner signature as a living being, despite the branches of science that have industrialized and mechanized us for centuries. Wholeness, whether touched individually or communally is remembered, not transactionally consumed. Yah, I know — “individually” “communally” — words fail where DNA doesn’t.

It occurs to me that wholeness is a paradigm level shift in perception. Old habits die hard. To see ecosystems is different that seeing ponds. To see forest is different than seeing a stick on the ground. To see people knitted energetically is different than one person leading the way. To suspend certainty and projection is mass letting go. I somehow get to it with my mind, but also at the same time can’t use my mind.

It occurs to me that wholeness is so much more than reading a good book on wholeness. It is so much more than the paradigm of knowing that is so centered around brain. Our other sensing vessels, not just mine, but ours, keep teasing us further toward paradigmatic change.

Why say all of this — I have the feeling that we as human beings are emerging into a needed next layer of evolution. We are growing not just more of what we are, but evolving fundamentally who we are and how we come to count on each other, and life itself.

It occurs to me that wondering it out loud, and commonly with others, helps.


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