Today is a day that begins a 4-week series on wisdom through joy. Today’s focus in particular is about joy as a commitment.

In the process of offering this wisdom series, one of the things my cohost and I typically do is a “joy ride.” We invite people to list 7-10 items that bring them joy. From the simple, like my ripening tomatoes above, to the more involved, like children, thresholds, and adventures.

I found myself clarifying and offering three particular points today. These continue to be aspects of my learning and well, practice.

  1. That the joy of which we speak as commitment isn’t pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It isn’t winning the lottery. It isn’t dumb luck. Those are great. Rather, we are encouraging people to seek the availability of the inner. The grounding that is from within oriented to joy.
  2. That joy is an attitude and disposition. It means being able, and in many cases, willing, to seek what is joyful, not at the expense of the rich challenges any of us face, but rather, that lives in proximity. It’s not denial. It’s discipline.
  3. That the energy of joy tends to be expansive. It tends to have breath in it. And space. And imagination. It’s different than the energy of fear, which tends to be constricting and contracting. Joy paints a path for wisdom.

I enjoy offering this series. I enjoy what it helps to build in people. Both for the joy that is in the moment and for the energy of joy that can guide the longer path.

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