Labyrinth at Ignite

One of the things that I continue to be a student of is relationship to center.

It is where I’ve learned to look for what arises and what emerges. For groups, yes. But within me also.

I love how a labyrinth envelops me in this relationship and attention to emergence.

I love the movement toward, and then away. I love the directionality that is not a straight line.

I particularly love in this labyrinth at La Foret the trees that are within it. I paused with each of them.

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  1. I’ve been a student of center also – and discovering that center is not always what I expect it to be. Thank you for your wonderful photo of this labyrinth – unusual that the center might not be visible from all around the labyrinth. It’s a great reflection of life and center. Sometimes it’s visible and other times it’s not.

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