Learned In A Recent Walk

It was a spring day, recently. There’s me in my travels, feeling opening in mind and heart. It’s so great to wander. It’s so great to feel and encounter, not just know.

It was a spring day, recently that I walked with a new friend. We both welcomed the ease of a wander together. It’s sharing stories. It’s asking questions. It’s being moved by the countryside in our response.

It was a spring day, recently, that through these stories shared, I got to ask a man with much life experience a few centering questions.

“What do you think is going on — what have your learned is going on — when people connect at such deep and thoughtful layers?”

We become instruments of the same energy,” he replied.

Beautiful. I love the way that this new friend gets to the heart of it, grown from his many adventures.

He continues, “Everything is now; that’s it.”

This is the kind of deep integration that I’ve come to love. I love being in such centering ideas. In such invitations to live with purpose, peacefulness, and such kindness that reclaim a way of being that is satisfied with simple, yet attentive presence.

We walked further, on this spring day, enjoying silence between us.

And then I asked, “What do you feel is common in all of your work over these years?”

More walking, a few more steps in silence. “It has all been a journey of discovery.”

There it is again. A statement that centers so much of the kind of life that I claim for myself and that I encourage in others. Being in the mystery of it. Yes, making choices to discipline ourselves into purposed living. But recognizing the inherent mystery of it and the quite beautiful invitation to discover with heart, belly, mind, with letting go, letting come.

it’s learning, from a recent walk, with a new friend. Thx Peter. From the heart.

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