Let the Beauty of What You Love Be What You Do

Yup, it’s a good one, often invoked to bring encouragement, the heart, beauty. It’s from Rumi, the 13th century Persian Poet.

It suggests to me the relevance of heart. It suggests to me in working with groups the potency of an invitation — What is beautiful about what we are doing here? What do you love about what we are doing here?

It points to the essential and impactful medium of imagination together. I’d also add that when invited to look for beauty, we are looking often for something already there. We’re just opening the blinds so that the sunlight can come in.

In my day, today, I’m loving my oldest son. Getting to share a day together, just he and I. I love loving my son. I love listening with him. Playing with him. Learning with him. Today I’m doing that to — dad / son two-day adventure.

Yup, beautiful.

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