Lisa Hess on Connecting Across Divides

I’m really grateful for Lisa’s piece here, A Plea from Ohio in a Presidential Election Year. I know Lisa from Circle Workshop she attended that I was co-leading. I also know her from her writing and speaking as minister in faith community. I love Lisa’s thoughtfulness, her presence, her clarity in offering questions that help point human beings together in how we evolve.

From her piece, her plea, I particularly appreciate her naming practices. The things we do, said simply, so that we might change or grow habit and way of being.

The practice of increasing curiosity she names has long been key. Phrased another way, practicing curiosity is about being able to habit ourselves into another person’s story, even when very different from ourselves.

And then the practice of decreasing disdain. Yes, this too is key. It’s not enough to hide behind smug derision to enjoy a momentary nobility or superiority.

Let’s be clear. Increasing curiosity and reducing disdain are deep and committed practices. It’s not all easy. It’s not all pretty. I would suggest it is all necessary.

Yes, as Lisa writes, perhaps our jobs as humans include supporting “routes of encounter.” That’s much different than routes of “forever separated” or “forever dismissed.”

I’m learning all of this and feel grateful for others both living and naming the path. As contributions to kind and conscious human family living. Enjoy reading Lisa’s full piece.

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