Love of Learning; Love of Journey

Today is a driving day for me. Solo road trip. North from where I live in Utah. Landing tomorrow in Edmonton to see my folks and some family that I haven’t seen since pre-Covid.

I love the open road. I love the Audible listens (Elizabeth II: The Life of a Monarch; Eddie Vedder, I Am Mine; Alanis Morrissette, Words & Music). I love the 30-45 minutes patches of no listening (only the open road).

This from my early morning reflection…

Who am I, 

I suppose

I am one that wants
to love this question,
to wonder with delight
mostly making sense with my body.

It’s not search for brand new starting place.
No, no.
It is embodying,
letting settle, unfettered, what is now.

I am 
energized by two days of road trip ahead.
Lindon to Great Falls, a midway stop.
And then Great Falls to Edmonton, hometown
of those many years ago.

I am person
that loves the freedom to depart,
that excites over wandering learning,
that raptures to wide and encompassing vista.


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