Metaverse – How About Meta Real

It’s a spoof, 2 minutes long.

One of the things I appreciate with it, is the calling out of the imitation that has supplanted the real.

It’s not the first time nor the last that imitation, metaverse, displaces the real. There are oodles of examples with ranges of good and bad that go with the imitation. I enjoy a gas fire without needing to chop a tree to build a fire.

This spoof also calls out a principle — just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. A technical metaverse is rather impressive. And, at some level, it steers a giant collective (people) further along the path of inability to connect (only knowing the facsimile).

Ironic, right. A collective defined by inability to connect.

Here’s to “enhanced actual reality.” May our search for the meta bring us back to being with nature and with extended periods of the non-digital. So as to contribute to patterns of presence together.

2 Replies to “Metaverse – How About Meta Real”

  1. A collective defined by it’s inability to connect – lots to unpack in this and feels like some communities I know in real life.

  2. Haha! Wonderful! I appreciated this today. I am grateful for all who, like me, remain awed by the infinite and “real” seeing-hearing-feeling-tasting-touching-scenting experiences that are these lives. How entangled and interwoven I am with nature becomes really-real as soon as turn my face away from the screen and step outside…

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