Misty Forest — Welcome Some Wild

From a walk, yesterday. Through forest. Along very steep embankment. Near the top of Cates Hill, on Bowen Island.

There is plenty that is / was breath-taking to me. The steepness of the hill. The full on greenness, that included ground-covering fern and towering trees. The mistiness of it, drizzling rain (because it’s really temporary living in a cloud). And of course, the wander that was only bounded by the end of a session of The Circle Way Board Retreat and then the call to communal dinner.

There’s plenty of why for me in this breath-taking. I suppose most fundamentally is that as the human that I am, I seek more of the feeling of wild. Of abundant and natural life. Of impressive beauty.

And because, sincerely, cultivating this wildness in groups, and the selves that contribute to a group, is utterly necessary.

I’m grateful for such walks, hills, and forests (and the ease of phone in pocket to have a photo of a moment).


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