Mooji — Living From the Heart and Beingness

Mooji is a Jamaican Spiritual Teacher. That’s him above. Lot’s of warmth in that photo. Lot’s of invitation.

This little piece below came my way recently through a friend. I love her sharing, her guiding, and I love Mooji’s words for the doing and being that arise from the heart.

For those of us that fret regularly or with spiked moments about our knowing, wowza! I’m glad for the reminder. I’m glad for the exquisite invitation to go more deeply within, accepting that there is an inner sourcing that connects to all of the outer sourcings, yet is somehow so richly connected to life living us. Yup, these are stories I wish to be true. Yup, these are stories I wish to live further in to.

I am not
a speaker nor a preacher.
I have no mission to change the world.
I have no original words
or teachings to give anyone.

I reflect only what I have experienced
directly inside my heart, in the most natural way.

I have no fascination for fresh ideas or activity.
All enthusiasm for worldly endeavors
and striving have all but gone.

For me, thoughts words, and deeds —
the activities of life — are merely
the utensils for serving out the
prasad of the Beingness.

A bow for the Beingness — it brings me alive to think of such beingness within me, and with people in groups finding their way.

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