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More to add from Tom Atlee and the earlier post I shared about “What’s Really Going On at Occupy Wall Street?”

For me, I’m asking questions about consciousness shift. What is underneath all of these gatherings that represents a consciousness shift?

I feel an awe of the expressions from that consciousness, the expectation to gather, to create voice. Not as showman. But indeed as irrepressible expressions of a self-organizing world in rapid change.
Occupying Wall Street: What Went Right?
J.A. Myerson: “Of all the criticisms being hurled at Occupy Wall Street, the most substantively interesting is the issue of scale. How large can the living-society portion of the occupation grow, dependent as it is on a reasonably small living space and an inspiringly simple if limited amplification system? Questions like this are worth pondering, and I’ll be taking some of them up here at Truthout in the coming weeks, but let us pause for a moment to consider how astonishing it is that this is a concern at all.”

Where the 99 Percent Get their Power
Sarah van Gelder:  “Powerful movements build not on a laundry list of policy demands, but on principles and values…. Powerful movements create their own spaces where they can shift the debate, and the culture, to one that better serves. That’s why showing up in person at the occupy sites is so critical to this movement’s success. In hundreds of communities around North America, people are showing up to make a statement and to listen to each other. They are also teaching one another to facilitate meetings, to take nonviolent direct action, to make their own media. They are taking care of each other, gathering food supplies, blankets, and clothes that can allow people to remain outdoors even as the weather gets wetter and colder.”


Ambiguous UpSparkles From the Heart of the Park (Mic Check/Occupy Wall Street)
Eve Ensler

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