Tweets of the Weeks

  • Berkana’s new website is live. For learning and collaborating with others.
  • At the Art of Hosting people meet in their humanity and meet their humanity. Thanks Maria Scordiolu for this.
  • Byron Katie = Neurological De-Colonization (thx Caitlin Frost).
  • Open Space Technology = Practical De-colonization (thx Chris Corrigan).
  • CBC doc (21 min) on impact of concussions. Told from a hockey perspective. Glad to see NHL looking at this.
  • Steve Jobs reflecting on living – “You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”
  • From my friend Dominic, research on the value of organic vs conventional farming:
  • RT @dfrieze: Can the #Occupy Movement be a Turning Point? @doylecanning blog on Yes Mag:
  • RT @EricSPeterson: Just saw sign in @CityWeekly office that reads: “In case of fire, exit building before tweeting about it.”
  • RT @NoeticOrg: Shamanism, love, and medicines necessary to heal damage of our modern times – mp3 excerpt A Arrien:
  • Noticing my need for still in my soul, some quiet. And, need for being in creation with others. A dance of these days.
  • Dig this and come. Support a young and emerging leadership community in New Brunswick: Full invite here:
  • RT @berkanainst: “Re-imagining Waste (and the new!)” (Pls RT!) #upcycling #walkoutwalkon
  • Lovely poetry reflections from friend / colleague Dave Pollard. Perspective on this life, freedom, ease.
  • QIN: Our traditions were taken from us. Our relation to the land. We need to relearn skills and community like when we dig for clams.
  • QIN domain groups meeting: Wellness, Learning, Community, Prosperity. Sharing preferred futures, indicators of wellness, goals.
  • With Sono & Teresa at Quinault Indian Nation: Strategic Plan to invoke tsooto / hope.

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