Nearness to Home

There is something comforting to me
about an Alberta farm field in late summer.

Perhaps it is the success of crops grown
and now harvested to round and rectangular bales.

Perhaps it is celebration of perseverance
mixed with grace.

Perhaps it is the nearness to home,
my youth and young-adult life lived nearby.

I know I seek each
and appreciate all of this.

Harvest to interesting shapes.
Perseverance grown with grace.

From this day of driving many miles,
Edmonton to overnight stay in Butte, Montana,
all of this feels alive and near in heart.

One Reply to “Nearness to Home”

  1. “all of this feels alive and near in heart.”

    Thank for this. A gentle reminder of aliveness and heart. I have been feeling poorly, my body seeming to be holding on to something. maybe a little bug of something, maybe something else. Right now, I don’t know what. Just that I appreciate reading words from Tenneson and taking a breath with those words.

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