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With Myriam Hadnes, (54 minutes) I love her pace and commitment to slow down and to enjoy. It’s living wonder out loud. It’s listening to stories and what lives under the stories. Myriam reminds me of the kind of person, guide, coach, and facilitator that I most want to be. Have a listen. Thx for shares and instincts to reach back to begin our own threads of this human to human way of living, learning and leading.

A few notes:

0:00 Setup + Context + Welcome in Joy

2:30 Myriam’s Intro & Hello

3:20 Psychological Safety is on my mind — so is potting plants on my balcony

4:20 Myriam’s Course Development + Imposter Syndrome

5:20 Go toward the big things, a workshop in many languages

8:20 To create psychological safety, we have to create it for ourselves

11:00 Just showing up is at the core of our work

14:10 Self-Sabotoge Favorites

16:30 Running the 1/2 Marathon; Then My Body Needs a Break — What is it to take care of ourselves?

20:15 Appreciating ourselves, appreciating inner and outer cleanings.

23:00 Baking in celebration.

23:30 Myriams Economics background, studying forced solidarity, and published 20 years later!

25:30 Things take time. Encourage mindful.

27:00 Workshops Work (Episode #218), Never Done Before Festival

34:00 Just try an idea — everyday a new idea in a global community of facilitators.

37:50 The importance of setting the stage, creating the framework

38:45 Inner change in Myriam — a few highlights

43:50 An essence of encouragement — offer ease, ask follow-up questions

46:20 Ways to contact Myriam

47:00 Myriam’s gracious way of learning and other closing words

50:00 Tenneson reflecting about Myriam

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