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Four years ago I committed to a newsletter. It’s quarterly. If you’ve been reading this blog for while, you know that it highlights a short greeting, some places to participate in events, some pieces to read (mostly already posted on this blog), and a resource or two for listening. I remain committed to invitation, to create connection. This newsletter is part of that.

Upcoming events include next month’s Wisdom Series (4 weeks online, the theme is Grief & Joy). The intent that Quanita Roberson and I bring to that is to invite a deepened relationship and commitment to both grief and to joy. We’ll do our next Essence of Circle Practice April 20th (registration opening later this month). I love a place for people to land in circle. I love to deepen my own practice. We’re not a month out from hosting our first Circle Immersion. It was one of those time when the energetic of connection through was imprinted. Really glad for that. Next up for that is September 20-24, 2023 (registration also coming later this month).

So, what’s behind all of this is a belly-true desire to participate in life. Through offerings. Through connections that have both mystery and evolution. Through learning with heart, mind, and intuition — which remains one of the most healthy ways I know to be in solo and in community.

The poem in the newsletter is below. With my appreciation of newness and nowness.

In looking ahead, may there be a celebration of now.
A present moment kindness, of things big and small.

In looking back, may there be appreciation.
A consciousness, an awareness of fit, loved or not.

In looking now, may there be living.
A flow, a joy of being.

And enough community, to remind us of belonging.
And enough solo, to remind us of deep center.

In both mystery and clarity.

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