Occupy Wall Street

Some amazing happenings in New York, gatherings of ordinary citizens. The world is changing. These kinds of gatherings are expressions of a new consciousness, a new expectation. “We the people finding our voice.”

Below is from my friends, Tom Atlee and NCDD.

“NCDDers in NYC might find the occupier community (they call themselves “Occupy Wall Street”) a challenging, exciting context to work in.  Process is being evolved on the spot.  The occupiers were using a traditional consensus process, but the police forbade microphones.  So they developed a fascinating “human microphone” system where the speaker says a few words and the crowd repeats what was said (which allows those in the back to hear). (You can watch all this on streaming videos!)  But that increases the already extensive time needed for consensus (checking for concerns, etc.), so the police have started issuing demands that must be met within 5-15 minutes, which the crowd can’t respond to fast enough without formal leaders, which they don’t want.  The evolutionary pressures to develop new forms are intense.  What comes out of that could be very good, very bad, or something else…

If you/we want to do something more planned, best to start now planning for the parallel occupation of Washington DC by hundreds/thousands of progressive protesters that is about to hit the city on Oct 6 http://october2011.org.

For info on Occupy Wall Street, here’s some fascinating links:


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