Offer Your Gifts

I am very delighted to be working with people these last three days that seek to bring themselves forward in such gifting ways.

This morning I sit by a fire, readying for our last morning together, grateful for the days passed and for the gifts shared.

Offer Your Gifts

I believe we live in times
when it really matters
to offer our gifts.

This means contributing as we can,
with not only what we do,
but also with what we are, or what we be.

It’s the gestures we extend to help clarify a situation.
it’s the knowing that we pass along to help someone in their way.
It’s the gentle reminders that we make a point of sharing that nudge just right.

It’s also the quiet presence we extend.
And awareness, and kindness.
All mixed in with a few skills.

Most of us are trying to find our way back to ourselves.
And to the sweet satisfaction of having done something well,
to be proud of in the best of ways, together.

2 Replies to “Offer Your Gifts”

  1. Most of us are trying to find our way back to ourselves …

    Maybe to our Original Wholeness.

    From that place, goodness flows. I notice the ease of it … sometimes.

    Thank you for what you be.

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