On Circle from CircuOsity

My friend Jim Strader – Sasser has created a podcast, CircuOsity, that explores many aspects of being human and being community. Jim is among many things, an Episcopal Priest, based in Pennsylvania. Jim and I have known each other now for a year and a half.

Jim recently invited me to record a conversation with him for his podcast. It was fun to do. With Jim’s edits, it ended up being 30 minutes in length. We explore several things:

  • abiding with self and community
  • the reality of mystery (not all things figured out)
  • stories as a way to reclaim context in contemporary life
  • doing things in a good way (several aspects of circle as essential practice for turning to one another)
  • artistry needed in humans being together in rather complex issues
  • leaning in to trouble rather than away (or numbing)
  • and a bunch more

Enjoy. I did.


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