On Communities of Belonging and The Circle Way

Kristie McLean is a friend through The Circle Way. She travels. She photographs. She writes poetry. She presences herself and invites it with others. Exquisitely.

Kristie writes of some of her travels in Ethiopia and the circles of belonging that she encourages. It’s moving. And excerpt of her witnessing is below. Read her full article here.

Circle is not about fixing. Neither is international aid work. I’m a firm believer that both require deep listening, tools to instill personal resilience and a sense of shared care for everyone present. There’s a sacred recipe needed: an honoring of “what is” and gentle inquiry into “what can be.” Often, we really do know our own best solution. Or we can glimpse it through the eyes of those illuminated on the perimeter.

Here’s to this clarity and conviction, and deep, poetic seeing in all of us.

Thanks Kristie.

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