On Magic in the Middle

A friends says, “The magic is meeting each other, and coming to know that we are of each other.”

This was a comment about facilitation. About participatory methodologies. This was a comment about what is possible, and what is recognizable, when we get under the surface of method and into ways of being.

The same friends says, “So that we are not just in hope, or wishes, there is practice.”

I relate to all of life as practice. As commitment. Whether for stillness. Or for motion. Experiments. Surrenders.

We human beings may be quite routined in much of what we do in this life. Jobs and tasks become normed and normalized. Ways of seeing become prone to default. But under that, the practice, perhaps, is consciousness. Awakeness.

Coming to meet life, and coming to know that we are life, contributing.

I am grateful for conversations about magic and practice.

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