On Minimalism

At The Circle Way Practicum, Whidbey Island, I appreciated several conversations about “minimalism.” In this context, it was about the minimal intentions and actions needed to be meeting in circle. A center. A rim. A spirit of circling up to share information and perspective.

Of course, it is true that everything minimalized can also be done at greater scale. A simple stone as center can grow to a full-blown altar. An invitation to respond to a simple question can grow to an invitation to share significant life story. And sometimes these circles must be held at such scale, depending on the circumstance.

Minimialism is something we all learn, I suppose.

I particularly appreciated one of our participants comments — Guillermo from Monterey, Mexico. “The more experience you have, the more ability you have to be a minimalist.”

Well spoken, with simplicity and minimalism, I’d say.

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