On Shadow



I am in some good learning this week at the PeerSpirit Circle Practicum on Whidbey Island. This particular piece is on shadow as it applies to hosting circles. What is shadow (a broadly used term now, a bit like collaboration or cooperation, it requires some definition)? What is conflict? What is sabotage? What is unspoken? How grief relates to this? How all of these relate to each other?

It is one of those learnings for which I have more questions than answers.

Is addressing shadow to resolve? To let breath? What discernment is needed to decide what to follow, what not to follow, and how not following is not the same as denying or ignoring.

I’m not surprised it is a rich question field here at the practicum. Grateful for good container holding by Christina Baldwin, Ann Linnea, and Alex Cukier so that these questions can surface.


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