On The Incessant Worry of Not Belonging

Black Mountain, near Carefree Arizona, from Civana Retreat Center Rose Garden

I write this personally (but then it is all personal, isn’t it), inspired by views like the one above this week. Yet I know the subject of this writing is common among so many people that I meet.

I’ve loved the people that I meet, particularly, that just seem so much to not question belonging.

Perhaps it is not for any of us to overcome worry, or so many of the other universal fear-commonalities. Perhaps it is for many of us to come into a different relationship with worry.


I just wish
that I could feel
a consistent level
of belonging,

such that,
I worried 
very infrequently,

and rather,
very frequently,

gave myself to the joy
and exquisiteness of my existence
with just me,
and with others.


For reflection.

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