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Introduction to Open Space: A paper that Jon Swanson wrote for the Journal of Aboriginal Management called “A Model For Aboriginal Facilitation.”

Action Planning Resources
Chris Corrigan compiled three useful approaches to facilitating action planning in Open Space. The first is his own version of moving to action, the second is Diana Larsen’s approach to prioritizing ideas by impact and energy and the third approach is Jack Martin Leith’s approach to project planning, which he blogged here. The three are in an easy to download .pdf. Enoy.

A couple of video resources from OS Practitioner, Esther Matte.
Watch an Open Space event in a 30-seconds time-lapse video
Short film on Open Space (3 min 34 sec)

“Whatever happens is the only thing that could have happened” — what does this mean? A question from Ashley Cooper. Reflections, hosted by Chris Corrigan, from participants at the July 2008 open space on open space.

Chris Corrigan

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