Art of Harvesting — Monica Nissen (25 minutes)
June 2007, Nova Scotia

Art of Calling — Phil Cass (32 minutes)
June 2007, Nova Scotia

Chaordic Design — Toke Moeller (15 minutes)

Chaordic Stepping Stones — Toke Moeller (50 minutes)
June 2007, Nova Scotia

Art of Hosting — Healthcare and Columbus — Toke Moeller, Phil Cass (28 minutes)

Harvesting — 6 minutes
December 2007, Brazil


Art of Hosting — Indiana
September 2007

September 9, 2007
A o H Tools: Learning the tools of the trade with Tenneson
September 10, 2007
AI Harvest: The Survivor’s Guide to Getting Lost
Box Turtle: Wendy Jo helps us connect with nature
The Chaordic Path: Learning how to walk the middle path with Chris
Closing: Breathe in your mates…breathe out your mates!
Merry Harvesters: The first breakfast discussion with Chris and the harvesting team
Harvest and Diamond: Exploring the Quest harvest and learning the Diamond of Participation with Chris
The Question Cafe: A real-time listen to what a cafe is like…from the host’s side! (Warning–some quiet spots where I needed to put the recorder down)
Chaord and AI: Reflections on the Chaordic Path and Appreciative Inquiry with Tenneson
Tools of Dance: Exploring dance with Teresa
September 11, 2007
Checking In: Zip, Zap, Zop! Where are my Spiders?
Closing: The emergent closing sentence, and Bodiga Tay revisited
Learning from Example: Stories of Berkana and Columbus, with Tenneson, Teresa and Tuesday
Merrier Harvesters: Breakfast discussion, round two, with Chris and the harvesting team
Opening: Getting started, exploring the Question Cafe harvest
Open Space: An introduction and invitation with Deb
Open Space Harvest: Action Group Headlines
Open Space Session: Exploring Columbus with Tuesday and Jeannel
Open Space Harvest: Harvesting convergence with Chris
Open Space Session: Unleashing (or giving permission to) your emergent leader, with Jeannel, Catherine, Chris, and Deb
September 12, 2007
Checking In: The “hands” poem, passing the candle, community news
Hosting Yourself: Open Space session with Tuesday and Wendy Jo
Merriest Harvesters: Breakfast session three with Chris and the harvesting team
Morning Birdsong: Nature sounds from Wooded Glen
Closing: Quest circle harvest, Fields of Gold farewell, and an empty room over lunch–oops!
Quest Circle: Revisiting our quests near the end
The Five Coughs: Open Space session on the Five Breaths hosted by Chris
Preparing for Home: The question you want asked of you, hosted by Margo
Knowledge Cafe: The toolkit, introducing the Knowledge Cafe, hosted by Tuesday
Welcome Dance: Right left right…left right left…can we do one clap? Hosted by Teresa

Art of Hosting Story


Appreciative Inquiry
Open Space Technology

Complexity — Swarm Theory National Geographic

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