Organic and Generative Organizing

My friend Diana Durham continues to inspire me with passages from her new book. As she has before in this post on leadership and relationship.

“The organic, generative kingdom that is created out of the internal harmony of relationship between inner and outer, and then replicated in fractal growth, is the polar opposite of the Wasteland Kingdom presided over by the Wounded King. Here is the difference between an organization that has fossilized and one that has become what Peter Senge termed a ‘learning organization‘, where new ideas and practices can grow and take root. Here is the difference between a living system and the entrenched and dysfunctional organizational structures where precedent is the rule of thumb, and no one dares utter an original thought, where one thing is said, and another done. Here is the difference between the herd instinct, in which a Wounded King presides over the group’s collective abrogation of personal authority and responsibility, and the high potency possibilities of collective leadership.”


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