Origins of Life — More Michael Meade

Yes to drawing from the root of deeper self.

I remember my colleague Tim Merry voicing it twenty years ago, as we cohosted a retreat — “Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.”

Where, when, and how we “source” is inevitably empty, it seems, if not connected to self.

I relate to knowing that is belly true. I relate to intuition that can ring so clearly in the quiet, and through the noise.

Yes to authenticity and originality.

It can’t not be when connected to a deeply inner quality, and by the way, a deeply inner quality that is connected to a deeply communal quality.

I’ve been learning much about the contagious and life-giving quality of authentic knowing and authentic not-knowing. It… congeals a way of being that I love.

Yes to origins of life.

What a deeply purposed way of living. To create life. As my friend Chris Corrigan says in our shared work, “to leave more community than when we found it.”

To know ourselves in the pattern of life swirling that lives between and beyond all of the rhetorics of the day — what beautiful invitation.

A thank you and a bow, again, to Michael Meade.

2 Replies to “Origins of Life — More Michael Meade”

  1. Oh, this was a *big yes* as I read the opening offering from Michael Meade.

    It is so exciting to read your words of response in the morning. It wakes me up in a particular way. It inspires me to dig a little deeper into breathing, reflecting, and even into my own offering.

    So, so grateful.

    1. Thank you Saoirse. I’m glad these words and images awaken something in you. In this blog I’m generally trying to pay attention to what comes to me and through me. As a life practice. With hopes of adding invitation to peaceful, kind, conscious ways. As always — in self, with others, in circumstance.

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