Pastoral Care

This is a great group of people that I’ve loved coming to know and companion, to be known by, and to be companioned by this first week of 2019 — what a good start! The group is pastors within the United Church of Christ tradition. With whom I just spent the last week, and that I co-hosted with Quanita Roberson in Carefree, Arizona. It was a five day workshop on building teams. It was filled with great connection, play, learning, vulnerability, sharing, asking questions, eating food, playing games.

It is no small thing to create connection so that immense learning can occur. I show their picture here, I suppose to create just a bit of honoring as all of us transition back to our places of home and local community.

Thank you Topher, John, Brian, Raygan, Jennifer, Adam, Rebecca, Dan, Ryan, Leslie Julia, Julia, Daniel, Michelle.

I’m grateful for clarity that lasts (my list of learning insights is quite long), and that only arises from such quality of connection.

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