Paying Attention

Good morning / afternoon / evening, wherever you find yourself when reading this.

If you’ve been following this Human to Human blog for a while, you’ll know that one of my favorites phrases, thanks to the Zen Community, is this:

Everything is connected.
Everything changes.
Pay attention.

Yes. It’s one of the most impactful and simple guiding set of phrases I know. Personally, and with groups.

The picture above is from recent flight, Salt Lake City, Utah to Chicago, Illinois. Quite wintery. Something about seeing from above continues to move and inspire me. Whether it’s the landscape that is physical geography or the landscape that is the more deeply inner and personal geography.

“Oh, to continue in a life of curious learning” — I can hear my Grandma Ross’ voice and see the sparkle in her eye when she spoke this to me twenty years ago.

I’ve also been learning a lot recently from a man, Alan Seale. He offers another way of paying attention. First, by noticing what has our attention. And then by exploring both the “being” and the “doing” that such attentions might be inviting.

I think my perspective and learning in this phase of life is getting a bit more honed. It’s been growing in me for the better part of three decades. To work with such simple invitations, and to continue to live such simple presence and practice. There’s both stepping in, and, some stepping out. Sure glad for friends and guides to help discern the difference.

Off into a day. May there be courage and clarity to be with what might be uniquely calling for our attention — both inner and outer landscapes, in self, and in / among others.

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