Podcast Episode Link and Notes — “Kinship” with Beth Tener (Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA)

Yes, it was lots of fun to reconnect with Beth Tener, a fellow practitioner, convener, and inspirer. The podcast link is here — 49 minutes. Again, deliberately welcoming the “long form” together. Enjoy the listen.

Here’s a few show notes:

0:30 Welcoming wonder and wander with interesting people.
3:25 Living love in social change work.
6:52 Live as one person, as whole and healthy human beings.
9:30 Quality of relationship goes with the quality of result, health of the whole.
11:30 What compels you, Beth, to work in this way? Coherence of emergence. Joy of curious kinship together.
15:50 Inviting relating: nobody should go home unconnected.
22:25 Kinship and friendship as forces for social change.
28:30 Vibrational resonance and change.
30:00 Kinship with all life, ancestors, the unseen.
32:00 Hungry to listen in walk & talks.
36:00 Connecting to nature.
38:00 Core encouragements.
42:00 Warm curiosity.
43:30 More slowness needed to make good friendships.
46.15 Tenneson’s reflections and appreciations of Beth.

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