Podcast Episode Link and Notes — Lawrence Kampf (Motovun, Croatia)

48 minutes, recorded 3/9/23. Lot’s of fun exploring in this one with my friend, my colleague, my fellow journeyer, Lawrence Kampf. You can get to Lawrence quickly through his website, www.novaearthinstitute.com. He’s launching a new series, Field Work for conveners with some experience and that know that “field” takes us further into the meaning and to the practice. I’m signed on and looking forward to his guiding.

A few show notes and times below. Enjoy the listen. I did.

  • 2:30 The Art of Humans Being
  • 6:06 Fully Human, The Aspirational Quality
  • 7:30 Awakening
  • 10:50 Find a Simple Story
  • 14:30 Do you consciously bring invitation to awareness?
  • 17:57 An Embodied Thing
  • 20:00 Service to the Transmission
  • 23:00 Launching “Field Work”, a new community
  • 27:30 Being changes the doing
  • 28:13 More on Lawrence’s programs
  • 29:47 Cultivating Yes / And
  • 30:45 Being Intentional with Questions
  • 33:50 Creating and Being Creation
  • 38:00 Can’t Not Do — Help Grow to Higher Expressions of Self
  • 44:00 Post Reflections from Tenneson

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