Podcast Episode Link and Notes — Linnea Bjorkman (Denver, Colorado, USA)

So glad for this conversation (49 minutes) recorded for podcast purposes. To learn. To cultivate. To animate. To create a world into being. Linnea and I go back to shared practice in The Circle Way. Lots of fun. Lots of purpose. Thanks for listens. Thx for forwards. Linnea is at www.wholerootwonder.com.

A Few Episode Notes & Times

  • 0:30 — Reclaiming heart of humanness together, refreshing the H2H Podcast
  • 1:22 — Welcome Linnea
  • 2:49 — Linneas’ Hello (mission and purpose that go with intentional process)
  • 5:26 — What’s surfacing in your work / life?
  • 6:48 — “Convercircliness”
  • 9:30 — Is there something you can’t not do? (center, underlaying kindness, the compost bin of humans connected)
  • 14:00 — Please say more of what you are up to Linnea? (Chair Yoga; Laughing Yoga; Gardening / Permaculture; 3 Communities in The Circle Way)
  • 22:45 — Being in the Doing (welcoming holistic being; “multipotentialite”; “if I offer what brings me joy, it goes well?”
  • 25:30 — Is there particular “inner Linnea code / DNA, wherever you show up? (Show up as I am. Shine my “me-ness.” Intentions toward kindness and compassion. Invitation to a narrative of kindness and clarity.”
  • 32:20 — Connection to breath, to create autonomy, belonging, and connection to something outside of self. There are “mini” ways to practice — simple, impactful, and profound ways to hold us in the moment. “Pruning the suckers.”
  • 42:30 — Don’t need to rush. Won’t cover everything. Will leave out some good stuff.
  • 43:30 — Anything else to share today Linnea? (Colleagues…, we are each others teachers. Life is teaching us.)
  • 46:30 — Post reflections from Tenneson.

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