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Poetry, particularly prose-form poetry, is very important to me. It continues to grow as very important sense-making practice and artistry for me. I love finding essence in a few words and images. I love reflecting through poetry about work, about community, about life itself.

Most Mornings is my second published collections of poems. It’s hot off the press, becoming available through Amazon last week.

I’m proud of this collection. I loved the experiment with form, with appearance, and of course with words chosen. There are 37 poems included.

As I write in the introduction,

This collection of poems comes from some of my sense-making that so often happens in the morning, nurtured by overnight sleep. These poems sample practices. They sample learnings. They sample insights and discoveries. They sample dilemmas and concerns. They range from simple and clear appreciations to more complex and murky wonderings about how to be in the world of these times. I offer these verses to invite essences to lead, as poetry often does, and to invite discovery of what can only live between the lines.

Purchases appreciated. For yourself and / or as gift to others. Reflections also — I welcome hearing from you. And appreciative reviews welcomed on Amazon if you are so inclined — that seems to help get the word out in that system.

Heartfelt appreciations for your continued support.

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